Modular Exhibition Stands

The great advantage of modular exhibition stands is that they can be reconfigured to suit different sizes, and graphics are interchangeable so they can reflect any changes you wish – new brand, change in messaging or fresh look and feel.
Modular exhibition stands are built for reconstruction, they give increased flexibility and ease of transport in addition to being an environmentally friendly product. Your whole modular exhibition stand is contained within a compact storage unit, helping to keep storage costs low. Light weight materials used to build these stands will also be able to save on labour and shipping costs.

Looking for an exhibition stand to grow with your business? You can hire or purchase a modular solution – the flexibility is their to suit your budget.

Heckford are a global leader in designing and manufacturing modular exhibition systems. We have a wide range of products and solutions designed to suit your specific needs.

No stands are too small or too large, we have the right solution for anything you need. Whether you need small self build, lightweight displays for shell scheme type space or a full structural stand to fit a bigger space, we will advise you on the best solution for your budget and brand requirements.

We provide a free design service to create the perfect concept that communicates your brand message and delivers the results you require. We also have a range of ready to go configurations that can be hired free of charge when you use Heckford for your artwork and installation.

Discover more about the possibilities of modular exhibition stands by talking to us today.