Shell Scheme

A basic shell scheme package is like a blank canvas; stand walls that consist of metre-wide panels and a fascia board with your company name on.
Exhibitors frequently use pop-up systems and banner stands to fill the space. Regrettably, every other shell scheme exhibitor at the event starts with the same blank canvas, but you don’t have to accept a stand that looks the same as theirs. Even on a small budget your stand can successfully promote your message.

A shell scheme exhibition stand typically includes stand walls, lighting, carpet and sometimes power…

Making the most of your shell scheme can be done by fixing shelves for product display; using AV for demonstration and video looping; and setting up branded meeting areas recreating your office environment. You’ll be surprised by what can be achieved!

We love working on shell schemes as it provides us with the opportunity to help you make the most of your show, make the right decisions and most importantly make every penny count to produce a stand you can be proud of. We want you to see a return on the investment so that you can see the true value of exhibiting. 

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